Positive Peer Prevention (P3)

Prevention skills for youth.

Positive Peer Prevention (P3)

P3 is a classroom-based youth prevention program for teens 13–18 that teaches teens how to develop the skills needed to make positive decisions about themselves and protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Learning is a challenge in a world where so much information is available. We seldom use information in our decision-making processes; instead we use knowledge. P3 provides up to date accurate information about HIV/AIDS, STIs and life skills in a focused format. The objective is to help teens turn that information into knowledge that will be used to make positive choices.

P3 has two ways of learning:

Group, classroom or assembly presentations
Presentations educate youth ages 13-18 about the biology, transmission, and abstinence based prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STIs, risk behaviors, digital footprints, sexting, relationship boundaries, healthy relationships, abuse, triggers and solutions to risk behaviors.

Peer Leader Training (Held for groups of 4 or more)
Peer Leader trainings, teach youth what is learned in the group-level presentation and includes refusal skills, negotiation skills, the decision making anatomy, values and assertiveness.

Please contact us at 602-307-5330 to schedule a Positive Peer Prevention (P3) session for your school or youth group.

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