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Nutrition Services

Nutrition can have a favorable impact for people living with HIV. By improving your nutrition, you can help your body fight HIV and boost the immune system. Our dietitians focus on helping clients make healthy food choices to get the benefits of natural nutrients from food. When necessary, they recommend and provide caloric, protein and nutritional supplements. While good nutrition is important for anyone, for someone living with HIV, it’s a particularly valuable way to support you immune system.

Learn more about Southwest Center’s Nutrition Program and the ways we assist persons living with HIV and those at-risk for HIV to optimize their health through nutrition.

Southwest Center’s Nutrition Assessments include a one-on-one comprehensive nutritional assessment with a registered dietitian, body composition testing (BIA test), education on healthy food choices and recommendations for nutritional supplements through our on-site Vitamin & Herb Shop.

Our Nutrition Assessment and Counseling focuses on:

  • Early intervention to improve nutritional status and enhance tolerance to specific medications.
  • Strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and preserve lean body mass, which decreases nutritional risk associated with HIV.
  • Providing education on how to eat a healthy diet to improve overall health.

For persons living with HIV, proper nutrition is so important that Southwest Center offers a Food Voucher Program to ensure you can focus your spending on foods that can help you achieve your dietary goals. Persons who qualify for the Food Voucher Program receive a $50 Gift Card to Fry’s grocery stores each month.

To qualify for the Food Voucher Program, a person must:

  • be currently eligible to access care through Ryan White programs (at a Level of 1 or 2)
  • currently have at least 3 nutritional/medical risk factors; which include some body composition risks, HIV laboratory flags, chronic medical conditions, and/or acute medical conditions
  • set and work-towards agreed-upon nutritional goals (such as gaining weight, losing weight, increasing protein intake, etc) spend the gift cards on foods to achieve nutritional goals (no alcohol or tobacco)

To determine if you may be eligible for the Food Voucher Program, call 602-307-5330 to schedule an appointment with a member of Southwest Center’s Nutrition Team today!

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain healthy weight, Southwest Center’s Nutrition Team can perform body composition testing using a Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer (BIA) device to distinguish between body fat and lean body mass.

The BIA test is helpful in reporting actual fat in pounds and percent body fat, as well as actual muscle mass in pounds and the percent of muscle mass. It also reports fluid status and caloric needs.

Once your body composition has been analyzed, Southwest Center’s Nutrition Team will work with you to determine the number of calories your body needs and help you establish a plan to prevent weight-related health problems, including obesity and malnutrition. For persons living with HIV, weight loss and malnutrition continue to be common problems and can contribute to HIV disease progression.

Who Can Access Nutrition Services?

Services are open to everyone – both HIV positive and HIV negative individuals. Ryan White funded clients (levels 1-3) receive services free of charge. For non-Ryan White funded and/or HIV negative persons, you’ll find an extremely reasonable sliding scale fee for services! Call 602-307-5330 to schedule your first appointment today!

Program Costs

Program costs may be covered by:

  • Ryan White

Call to make an appointment 602-307-5330