HIV 101: Pizza & The Basics

HIV 101: Pizza & The Basics
Want to Learn The Basics About HIV?

Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS hosts HIV 101: Pizza & The Basics to help answer your burning questions about HIV. This educational session is open to the community free of charge regardless of your HIV status. Whether you’re looking to learn something about how you can live with HIV, want to support someone you know who is living with HIV, want to learn how to prevent HIV or if you just want to brush up your knowledge, this session is great for everyone!

Included, you’ll learn about:

  • Biology of the virus
  • How HIV is transmitted
  • How to prevent HIV
  • HIV Testing
  • Signs and symptoms of HIV
  • HIV treatment
  • HIV medication adherence
  • HIV medication resistance
  • Nutrition

All materials are provided without cost and include a pizza dinner. We especially welcome those who are newly diagnosed and their support network.

Dates & Location

Beginning July 11th, 2018, HIV 101: Pizza & The Basics (English) is held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at:

Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Gila River Room (upstairs)
1101 N. Central Avenue, Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85004 (map)

HIV 101 Enrollment

Please complete the form below or call 602-595-8144 to enroll in the next session of Southwest Center's HIV 101: Pizza & The Basics. Someone will contact you prior to the session with a reminder and to confirm your attendance.

Program Costs


Sign-up required. Please call
Gaia at 602-595-8144

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